Best Portable Hot Tub: Aero Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Aero SpaIf you are like the idea of a hot tub, but don’t want to go all out and purchase a permanent one, then a portable unit just might be the best option for you. The Aero Spa is a good choice for anyone looking at portable hot tub units. This type of unit is ideal for someone who is renting a home or who simply does not want the higher purchase cost of a permanent one.

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The Aero Spa Inflatable hot tub is quite an attractive looking hot tub in that the outside of it is a brown color rather than blue – to me the blue ones just look like kids’ paddling pools whereas at least the brown is a more natural colour and blends in better with your garden. It can accommodate up to four adults and although it doesn’t have seats like a permanent spa it does have a padded bottom so is very comfortable. You can place the NP5868 Tsunami Spa anywhere on your patio or deck, as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby. You cannot use this hot tub with an extension cord, which is why you need to have an easily accessible outlet. In fact, it is a good idea to measure out the length of the cord from the tub before you fill it with water to make sure you are close enough to the outlet. The exterior of the hot tub is a 40 gauge PVC vinyl and 19 gauge cloth that is designed for long term durability. Of course, you still need to be careful around sharp objects to make sure it does not get punctured. This means that you cannot push or pull it around on the ground. It needs to be carried to the area where you want to set it up and then filled with water. Once filled, it should remain in the same place. If you determine that the tub needs to be moved after it is filled, you will need to remove the water so that you can lift it so as to avoid puncturing it by scooting it across the ground. It also comes with a lockable, zipped thermal cover which will keep your spa warm when you’re not using it and ease your mind if you have young children. The cover though, is not made out of the same durable vinyl material and it can actually tear easily. It is a good idea to handle it with more care as to avoid getting any rips in the cover.

Set up

Setting up the Aero Spa is a very simple process. It can be done in 15 minutes and you do not even need any tools for the set up process. Just plug it in, press a button and watch it inflate. No additional plumbing or wiring it needed – you fill it with water and then plug it into the electrical outlet for it to work. The unit has a 900W heater and takes a few days for the spa to reach maximum temperature of 104 degrees-F.


Due to the portable design, the Aero Spa does not have any type of water jets to move the water. Instead, it has a “massaging bubble system” that has 130 air jets that blow bubbles to achieve the same effect. Since the heater warms the water so slowly, the water loses its heat rather quickly when you are using it. Depending on the temperature outside, you might experience a 10 degree loss in water temperature with just 15 minutes of usage. This might not be a problem for people who only plan on spending brief periods in the tub. It is a good idea to consider the electricity costs of portable hot tubs. During the cooler times of the year, it is likely that you will want to keep it on all day long so as to maintain the temperature in the water. If left on all day, every day, the result could be quite the shock when you receive your electric bill. Or if you just want to use it at weekends then turn it on midweek so it is ready for Friday night/Saturday. Water levels and quality will need to be maintained regularly which essentially means weekly Ph testing. It includes a filtration pump but you will need to use chemicals to maintain the water balance for Ph, alkalinity and bromine. The Aero Spa does not include these chemicals. Instead, you will need to purchase them from a pool supply store.

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