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Keeping Mice Out of Your Home and Storage Areas


Small rodents such as mice always seem to become unwelcome guests in our home or outbuildings. The problem is worst during the winter, when the furry little critters come indoors to escape the cold and find food. We usually recognize them in the house by the obnoxious little black “calling cards” they leave everywhere, but […]

How To Stop Animals Ruining The Garden

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  In the best Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler post I talked about just why the Contech model was just about perfect for me, and if you are getting pests ruining your hard work then you really out to think about investing in these automatic sprinkler systems. I can’t think of anything else that could do […]

Best Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

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In this article I want to offer you some advice after the nightmare I had in my garden and the simple solution that I found. I can offer you advice as I have very successfully dealt with a serious problem of Mountain Goats decimating our vegetables. We live rather remotely and they are all over […]