How To Stop Animals Ruining The Garden

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In the best Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler post I talked about just why the Contech model was just about perfect for me, and if you are getting pests ruining your hard work then you really out to think about investing in these automatic sprinkler systems.

I can’t think of anything else that could do such a good job.

We can find a lot of different ideas online about what to do to stop pests ruining crops and plants. But a lot of them seem to either consist of horrible chemical solutions or massive investments in terms of fencing and all manner of other contraptions.

Even electric fences are an option. And I was sorely tempted by the latter option.

But I decided to start out cheaply and the results were amazing. If you are having problems with animals coming in to your garden then it is certainly well worth trying a motion detector sprinkler system first.

Why This Solution?

For me it just seemed perfect. They are totally humane, they are cheap to buy and they don’t take days to set up. You basically just hook them up to water and power and leave the to do their thing. If you read reviews or talk to people that have used them then you will be as convinced as I was.

Most people seem to find that in just a few days the problem is dealt with and the pests have moved on to pastures new. It may not be so great for the neighbors but at least your piece of outdoor heaven is going to remain pristine. Just make sure that you don’t leave it running if you are expecting visitors.

The motion activated sprinklers do exactly that. They spray anything that moves that is within range so if you value your friendships you would do well to ensure that they are not left on all the time!

Best Way To Stop Pests In The Garden

For me this is a top tip and the absolute best way to stop anything from birds to large animals ruining crops, stealing fish from the Pond or from Dogs attacking the compost heap. The fact that we can buy motion activated water sprinklers so cheaply makes it the best option to try out before you consider anything more drastic and much more expensive.


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