Landscape Lighting Ideas: Solar or LED Lights?

I can’t decide whether to try with solar lights again or go with the rather cool LED lights you can get these days? We have some blank fences that could use some better landscape lighting ideas than the mile-minute vine which seems to escaping from the neighbours! I’ll sort them out with some serious chemicals – but maybe redecorate my “outside room” with some cool display of LED lights – but then I’ll have to get the electrician in.

That’s the appeal of solar lights of course, they aren’t so bright – well unless you are lucky to live somewhere with really high sunshine hours like Spain! But they are cheap and easy to install, which is why, I suspect solar landscape lighting has become so über popular the last few years.

Hmmm can’t decide, but I’m tempted towards the solar lights, the budget is a bit stretched at the moment. For the driveway I am tempted towards motion-activated spots – but for the fence…. too many choices!

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