Eeek – New Town House – Landscape Lighting Ideas Needed!

I’ve just moved – and its a lovely townhouse. Well my definition of lovely which has two important characteristics:

  • its new(ish) i.e. everything works, windows are water and air tight that sort of stuff;
  • there are no lawns – thank you Lord!

The last house that we sold was perfect inside but even on the day we decided to buy it – it had a slight problem – it had waaaay too much land. As my, then new, partner and I decided whose job was whose we divided up the easy ones (ironing – his) and more difficult ones (laundry – he puts away I wash) – but none of us was volunteering on the lawn-mowing. The fact that neither of us actually owned a lawn mower says it all really – we hired a man who did own a lawn mower.

Any ideas on how to light this driveway?

Landscape Lighting Ideas Needed ?

But what I am going to miss is that – although this town house does have a nice outdoor area (you don’t need a lawn to have outdoors after all) – it’s lacking any lighting. I had cool little solar powered garden lights through the old place, and it was nice, at night sitting out having a barbie and seeing the place come to life with the cute little lights.

It’s also practically needs something – there’s this long drive up from the street see, and its a bit tricky backing out at night (yes we don’t have a turning circle, yes I thought the council required one for new developments too!).

Something motion activated would be perfect – except it doesn’t activate fast enough for a car reversing out – instead maybe something solar – because we’re old enough to probably not be heading out to town after mid-night! Coming back in is OK of course – but backing in the dark without a line of sight is a pain.

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