Advantages of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The benefits of low voltage LED landscape lighting in general, are that it is possible to fully illuminate nearly any property using a low voltage landscape lighting system. It adds security, but in addition to that, you can increase the value of your home. Curb appeal is an important factor when the time comes to sell your home, and the fact is, that these lights can add plenty of that.

Landscape lighting can be used to outline your driveway, light a path for both beauty and safety, and the artistic design possibilities are virtually endless.

For instance, on our property we have it covered patio with trellised entrances. We decided to use colored string LED lights, which are essentially Christmas lights strung across the top and outlining the entrances. These lights provide a really amazing display on a summer night, while we sit out on the patio talking. This type of low-voltage LED landscape lighting can be used for really spectacular effects.

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The use of landscape lighting transformers is essential in the design of LED low-voltage landscape lighting. These systems almost always run on 12 Volts and a transformer is used to reduce the house current down to 12 V.

Low-voltage landscape lighting kits are available to simplify your efforts. Instead of having to choose the lights and connect them all yourself, everything you need is included in the kit. Most kits I’ve seen, the lights are already strung together on their wires. Landscape lighting low-voltage from the house is one of the reasons these systems are so simple. You don’t need an electrician which means you save more dollars, because you don’t have to connect to the house wiring. You simply plug them in to a convenient socket.

Of course when it comes to low-voltage, no discussion would be complete if solar LED lighting were omitted. Solar LED landscape lighting to the ultimate in low-cost LED landscape lighting. There is no wiring, which simplifies it even more. Instead you simply choose where to place the lights, taking care to ensure that they will have access to sunlight during the day, and stick them into the ground.

A new option from Westinghouse, is high output solar LED landscape lighting. These lights charge during the day just like any other solar LED landscape like, then at night they produce three times the amount of light that standard LED landscape lights produce. Westinghouse also produces a full line of standard solar and low-voltage LED lighting products. Some of them are expect accurately beautiful and well worth looking at.

Low-voltage LED landscape lighting is the best choice when designing your landscape lighting system. LED landscape light bulbs last many times longer than any other type of light, so the replacement cost is very low. In addition to saving on replacements, you will realize savings on your electric bill. And if you go solar, in terms of your electric bill there will be no impact at all.

LED landscape lighting is the clear choice when it comes to saving money and increasing your property’s value. I know in our case LED landscape lighting made us want to stay home at night, just to see the LED stars at night.

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