Buy LED Landscape Lighting and Save Money

What if I could show you how to dramatically light up your yard using LED landscape lighting without raising your energy bill? Would that interest you? If you already have landscape lights, then you know how expensive it is to run them. LED landscape Lighting is quickly becoming the preferred way of lighting your landscape. There are a number of advantages to using LED lighting for your outdoor lighting needs. Some of these include:

  • economy
  • ease of installation
  • less light pollution
  • colored lights not available in any other type of lighting
  • many different types of LED landscape lighting options
LED lighting can create beautiful outdoor living spaces

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Because LED landscape lighting bulbs are smaller and produce a much more focused light, you don’t waste light and the energy used to produce that light by illuminating areas unintentionally. In other words there much less wasteful and they don’t cause light pollution. LED lighting uses only about 1/10 the energy of incandescent bulb. Plus, they last easily 5 to 6 times longer. LED bulbs are often rated for 30 to 40,000 hours of operation.

Ease of Installation

If you’re looking for an easy way to light up your garden, or yard, or perhaps just lighting your driveway or the path from the driveway to your front door, then LED lighting is the most economical, simple way to do this. If you choose the solar landscape lighting option, there’s not even any wiring involved. And in the case of the LED landscape lighting low voltage option, the wiring does not have to be buried as deeply, and with the consumption of only about 12 Volts, it’s much safer than standard incandescent lighting. To make the job really simple there are landscape LED lighting kits, which include everything you need in one box.

Less Light Pollution

LED light bulbs are much more focused than standard bulbs from other types of lighting, and therefore scattered light from them is significantly less. Making use of LED landscape lights, you’re able to confine the light to your own yard.

Colored Lights

LED lights offer colors which are different from any other type of lighting. By their design, the colors of these lights are able to be fine tuned to precise wavelengths, giving a much more pure color. In some cases, even color changing lights are available to provide a dramatic ever-changing color change here landscape. They can be aimed to create dramatic splashes of colors on the walls.

Types of LED Landscape Lighting

When the time comes to choose your LED landscape lighting, you will find that you have options.

  • Low-voltage LED Landscape Lighting
  • Solar LED Landscape Lighting

LED lighting is far more efficient than any other type of light source, and doesn’t require the higher voltages than other types of lights need. Low-voltage LED landscape lighting is much easier to install than traditional landscape lighting in that it is not necessary to be wired directly into the home wiring. A simple plug is all that’s needed. The transformer similar to that used by an electric toothbrush is all stated to supply the electricity required by your LED landscape lights.

In the case of solar LED landscape lighting, there is no wiring at all. These lights are a small solar panel during the day to make electricity from the sun and stored in a battery for use later that night.

There are several companies which offer LED landscape lighting. One of these, Westinghouse low-voltage LED landscape lighting in addition to the traditional low-voltage LED lighting, now has a new high output solar lighting available, which offers an output which is three times higher than the usual amount of light available from solar lighting.

Landscape lighting has always been an area where designers are able to create truly dramatic effects. With the advent of LED lights being used for outdoor lighting, the design of outdoor lighting offers even more possibilities. It’s as if the designer is to be confined to a ten color box of crayons, but now suddenly has been given an 80 color box of crayons to work with. Through ongoing research in universities and corporations, LED lighting will continue to develop as more colors, and exciting lighting effects become available. LED landscape lighting is perhaps the most exciting landscape option available today.

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