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Hi I'm Mary. I'm not a huge gardener, but I like to have a bit of outdoor space, so if you have that you have to do something with it! I share my trials and tribulation as a reluctant gardener at Big Granite.

Solar Landscape Lighting – Beginner’s Project.

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OK I’m not the best handyman in the world – and neither is my partner (don’t tell him I said that!) – but I figured even I could give it a go with these solar landscape lights you see for sale online. First off they are like solar right – so off grid – no…

Solar Landscape Lighting – Making Your Home Safer


Imagine if you will for a moment, that your driveway is outlined by solar landscape lighting. It’s not only beautiful, but on those nights when you come home in bad weather, those lights will help you see the edges of your driveway. Not to mention when friends come over who are not familiar with your…

Using Landscape Lighting Kits to Add To Your Home’s Value

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Have you considered installing landscape lighting kits to beautify your home, increase the curb appeal, and possibly the value of your home? We recently did exactly that. To be completely truthful, I haven’t actually had our home appraised since we added the low-voltage LED landscape lighting kits, but I know it’s more valuable to us.…

Landscape Lighting Kits – What a Selection!


We want our property to look its best, and be worth as much as possible, so we decided to install some landscape lighting kits. We had some ideas about landscape design and lighting that we wanted to implement. The first thing that we decided, was that we want to stick to low voltage landscape lighting…

Landscape Lighting Kits – Huge Variety For the DIYer


We just completed the do-it-yourself project using landscape lighting kits. We are really proud of the new look we gave our home. It’s also very satisfying to have done it all by ourselves. We decided to purchase some low-voltage LED landscape lighting kits. These are great way to beautify your property, and possibly even add…

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