Landscape Lighting Kits – What a Selection!

We want our property to look its best, and be worth as much as possible, so we decided to install some landscape lighting kits. We had some ideas about landscape design and lighting that we wanted to implement.

The first thing that we decided, was that we want to stick to low voltage landscape lighting kits, since with all the lights we plan on installing, like pulling house current would’ve made our electric bill huge. In fact, because of the issue of the cost of supplying electricity, we are going to go with solar landscape LED lighting kits.

The reason for solar is obvious, power from the sun is free. But the choices getting LED kits may not be quite as obvious for some. Here is some information to help explain our decision. LEDs save about 80% more energy than traditional types of landscape lighting sets. In addition to the savings in energy costs, we’ll realize further savings in replacement costs. The LEDs and outdoor landscape lighting kits are often rated to last 30 to 40,000 hours, which means it may be 10 years before we have to worry about replacing LEDs. No other type of light source can boast of those kinds of numbers of operational hours. So that’s how we came to choose low-voltage LED landscape lighting kits. It just made economic sense.

Low-voltage landscape lighting kits come in different styles – we found:

Path Lights
Driveway Lights
String Lights

Many of these landscape lighting kits are also available as solar powered outdoor landscape lighting kits, which as I said earlier is what we chose to go with.

Our first project was installing solar driveway lights. One of the big advantages of choosing solar lighting is that you don’t have to worry about hiring an electrician to run wires for you to meet code, since there are no wires. Each light has its own solar cell which charges the battery during the day. We chose to use what are called Malibu style lights, and we installed one about every 10 feet along the edge of the driveway.

Then from the driveway in front of the garage we continued with the same lights to light the path. The path from the driveway to the front door is made of flagstones. It’s not usually a problem however, if you don’t watch your step it is possible the wind tripping. The new lights illuminate the path perfectly sleek and see where you’re stepping.

Our next project was the backyard project. We have a concrete patio slab over which is constructed of wood lattice. Debbie lattice is the wrong word. There are columns on both the sides and 2 x 4s stretch across the top. We choose to decorate the patio with solar street lights. There’s a string wound around each column, then more strings are stretched over the top. I think it was the best project of all. At night it’s spectacular, and it doesn’t cost the sublime electricity. The landscape lighting kits low-voltage consumption because of our use of LED lights and solar cells means that for about the next 5 to 10 years we will have any expenses related to these projects.

Landscape lighting kits really made everything so simple and easy, and I’m so glad that we used them.

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