Solar Landscape Lighting – Beginner’s Project.

OK I’m not the best handyman in the world – and neither is my partner (don’t tell him I said that!) – but I figured even I could give it a go with these solar landscape lights you see for sale online.

First off they are like solar right – so off grid – no power lines – that’s good, in terms of not killing yourself good right? And we really did need some lights up the drive to our home – we kept losing visitors! Really had people text us a couple of times from the roadway going – where the hell is the entrance! Some things you don’t know in advance until you move in – and we didn’t realise that we really needed to sort out the outdoor landscape lighting sooner rather than later.

After we finished reading some solar landscape lighting reviews, we picked the cheapest ones that looked easy to install, went ahead- and, incredibly – they work, and they look just great.

Photo: paulswansen via

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