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If you enjoy gardening and getting outside like I do, then I’m sure you can appreciate creating a backyard Oasis for some down time and relaxation too. We see all the fancy backyards and decks on TV shows and magazines. However, there is one more element that you can do, to spruce up your yard. Having comfortable outdoor bar stools is a nice and inexpensive addition to any backyard patio area, especially when you friends stop by for a visit. Hey, they gotta have some place to relax. OK, maybe if you do decide to stop by your friends, its probably a good idea to at least offer to help them out before asking for a cold one – right? :)

The fact is, most people like to spend time at home and in their back yards. I think that’s why the popularity of home renovation and DIY shows have become so popular over the years, like Mike Holmes – Holmes on Holmes show. Its probably one of the best renovation shows bar none. One show that really rocked was called Decked Out with Paul Lafrance. It really highlighted what some people will do in terms of having a great landscaped and decked out backyard. Seriously, some of the things they did were just amazing, which brings me back to talking about outdoor bar stools in today’s article.

outdoor bar stoolsAfter researching online, I found a set of outdoor bar stools that had some of the highest ratings. What I really like about this type of furniture, hardwood is aesthetically the most preferred choice because of its more natural feel that aptly fits the backyard. However, this type of bar stool is placed outdoors and exposed to harmful elements such as rain, intense heat, and corrosion. Hence, you really have a set of outdoor stools that are durable enough to withstand various weather conditions. No, I wouldn’t recommend you leave them out in the winter time. However, you can certainly leave them out for the other seasons.

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Strathwood Bradford All-Weather Hardwood Bar Chair is made of durable eucalyptus hardwood. Its material is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as appropriate for use outdoors withstanding harsh elements. The ribbed design of this bar chair for its slats discourages degradation by allowing raindrops to simply fall through. With this design, the wooden surfaces also aerate more readily allowing the furniture to quickly dry. The metallic parts used to fasten the entire construction are galvanized to provide strong support. These parts are also treated to provide protection against rust and other corrosive elements.

The All-Weather Hardwood Bar Chair by Strathwood Bradford was originally priced at $200. By being consistently in the top ten, the company decided to cut off the price by as much as 20% and at the time of writing, a set of two gorgeous chairs can now be bought for only $159.99 in the Amazon online shopping site. This set of outdoor bar stools is now available in two varieties: the oiled eucalyptus wood and the weathered eucalyptus wood. The latter is ideal for old patios and for bringing those old and happy memories back into the consciousness. The former, on the other hand, is recommended for the modern patio where the shines and shimmers complement well with the shiny glassware and other modern decorations.

This set of bar chairs comes in a neat package where the homeowner has to do its own assembly. Its compact design allows for easy assembly requiring only a standard size screwdriver for installing the screws and other fastening parts. When assembled, each bar chair measures 48 inches (4 feet) tall with a width and depth of about 20 inches (1.7 foot). The position of the seat is about 30 inches above the ground with an extra support for the stilts that doubles as footrests. The high seat position allows the user to enjoy a better view of his surroundings while at the same time keeping a comfortably erect sitting position. The edges of the chairs are rounded so as to better accommodate the legs.

These elegant outdoor bar stools can match perfectly well any wooden table that would complete the relaxing patio. Strathwood Bradford also manufactures wooden tables using similar all-weather materials starting at $99.99. With an all-weather construction to withstand the harsh elements, these types of furniture are highly recommended for every outdoor patio.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on outdoor bar stools.

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