Outdoor Speakers That Look Like Rocks

If we didn’t already have the Yamaha outdoor speakers in our patio, I wouldn’t mind getting these speakers that look like rocks.

Cables To Go Rock Speakers I don’t know how good they are or how well they stand to various weather conditions but I think they look pretty cool. It’s a very ingenious idea and one that I’m sure will appeal to a lot of people who have gardens and don’t want their outdoor speakers to stand out too much.

If you don’t know what these rock outdoor speakers are, they’re basically wireless outdoor speakers that you can easily prop in the garden. There are a few companies that make these speakers, but the popular ones that I know of are TIC corporation and Cables to Go.

I was reading reviews of these speakers the other day, and there are very positive feedback from customers. Apart from being very unobtrusive they also stand very well to rain and wind. Sounds really good…

Don’t these rock speakers look so tempting for any gardener who also loves music?

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