My Yamaha ns-aw570 All-Weather Speakers Review

Yamaha ns-aw70 All weather speakersJust an hour ago, I was in the patio with my husband sipping a glass of wine and listening to good ‘ole Cat Stevens with our Yamaha ns-aw570 outdoor speakers . I’m so proud of these speakers we have.

You see, when we were shopping for speakers about a couple of months ago, my heart was originally set on the cheaper ns aw-150 model. However, when we went to our local shop to give different speakers a try, we fell in love with the Yamaha ns-aw570 outdoor speakers. The sound that came from this one was distinctly better than the cheaper ns-aw150. It was very clear and crisp and gave a nice warm sound.

We really wanted to buy these speakers right away but I was disappointed when I knew it cost $249. This was way over budget and frankly, I didn’t want to spend that much money on speakers anyway.

When I got home I looked for the prices online and found it at only $149 at Amazon. I was so thrilled. I’m all for buying from local businessmen, but a $100 difference is just too much.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The Amazon price fluctuates a lot! It’s still $149 at time of writing but I’ve seen it go down to $130 a week or so ago. Check the current price here.

It’s been about two months since we first got the Yamaha ns aw570 outdoor speakers and I still love it. Every time we get the chance to sit outside (it’s a bit cold where we are now), we go to the patio and put some music on (even our neighbor has commented how good the sound quality is – perhaps that was his way of saying we were playing it a bit too loud, huh?).

If you’re looking for a good quality set of outdoor speakers, I suggest you check out the Yamaha ns-aw570 indoor-outdoor speaker. I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do.

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