Low Cost Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Gather 10 different people in one room and they will all have different opinions about what the best wireless outdoor speakers are. Read the many speaker forums online and you’ll find that every person has a different idea about what the best speaker is (For example, I think that my Yamaha ns-aw570 outdoor speaker is the best, but I’m sure there are some people who think otherwise).

The Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers

This is why if you’re in the market for a good set of speakers, you need to first know exactly what you want in your speakers. This way, you can laser-focus the buying process.

At any rate, if you want to have a wireless outdoor speaker in the garden, bear the following things in mind.

  • Since these speakers depend on wireless signals, expect crackling or hissing sounds now and then. These occasional static sounds are a given but can usually be minimized by changing channels.
  • Wireless outdoor speakers usually run on batteries but some are also sold with an ac adapter. If you’re going to use the speakers a lot, factor in the battery cost as well. Use the AC adapter for even better sound quality.

Top Rated Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Here are some top rated outdoor wireless speakers that are also affordable. These are entry-level speakers that perform very well in outdoor conditions. If you want to buy speakers that produce great sound without having to spend a fortune, then the three speakers below are definitely worth looking into.

Audiovox Wireless Outdoor speakers Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Speaker

This speaker’s modern “zen-like” design makes it a good addition to any backyard. This is sold with only one speaker but it has surprisingly good sound quality. You can buy an extra one (usually cheaper because you don’t have to pay for another transmitter) if you want to have good stereo sound. Otherwise, mono mode is good enough for small outdoor parties or for listening to music in the patio. Of the three wireless outdoor speakers featured here, this is the cheapest.

Cables To Go Rock Speakers Cables To Go Rock Outdoor Speakers

There’s something very appealing to outdoor speakers with a rock design. They are unobtrusive and blend extremely well in any garden. This rock outdoor speaker from Cables To Go is not only aesthetically pleasing but also deliver good quality sound. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts about 7-10 hours of continuous use.

Cables To Go Wirless Outdoor Speakers for Ipod, Ipad and other MP3 players Cables To Go Audio Unlimited 2.4 GHz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 2 Stereo Speaker

This is the most expensive one on this list. If you want good quality pro speakers that will last for years in your backyard, then this is worth buying.

These speakers have a 150-feet signal range and come with a remote volume control. It’s also very portable.

One Last Note: Remember that no matter how good or how expensive outdoor speakers are, they will never be as good as listening to music indoors. The environmental conditions are just not right for it. Most audiophiles will notice the subtle difference between an entry-level and a professional set of speakers. But frankly, most people will not.

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