Keep Your Lawn Healthy With Lawn Aerator Shoes

If you are looking for ways to improve the soil on your lawn, then you might want to consider aeration or dethatching your lawn. When you aerate the lawn, the process involves having holes punched into the soil. Instead of getting an expensive garden tool for this process, you can get a pair of aerator shoes and do it by walking around the lawn yourself. The shoes are usually designed so that they fit over your normal shoes and are just strapped in place over them.


Lawn aerator shoes are designed with spikes built on the bottom of the shoes with bolts. The length of the spikes can vary but are generally around 1-1/2″ in length. As you walk, your body weight pushes the spikes of the lawn aerating shoes into the soil, which creates holes for water and other nutrients to easily reach the roots of the grass. The end result is healthier soil, which leads to healthier grass for the lawn.

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