Get To Know Your Lawn

Lawn CareOne of the things that I really like about my garden is the lawn, on a warm summers day there is nothing quite like feeling the grass under your feet. Or even just sitting and relaxing on an evening, with a glass of something cold and refreshing, and the smell of freshly cut grass, very rewarding.

However, one of the things I don’t like about my lawn is the constant care that I have to do to keep it looking good. After all it only takes a hard wet winter and a bit of neglect and it can look more like a mud slide or weed patch.

I have learnt, the hard way, how important it is to keep on top of things, and take the time to do some maintenance work when it is needed.

This way I know I will be sat enjoying my lawn, and my garden for a good long time.

Know your lawn

One of the best things I have found you can do to make your lawn look beautiful is to take the time to get to know your lawn. Watch it through the seasons, take notice of any parts of it that become wet and water logged for long periods, or if there are patches where the grass just does not do so well, perhaps due to too much shade, or on the other hand too much sun. Are there any discoloured patches, is this because you have dogs that urinate on your lawn, Bruce talks about that here.

Once you can answer some of these questions then it is easier to get it looking great.

Wet and Waterlogged?

This could be because your lawn, and the ground under it is compacted. You can try aerating it by pushing a garden fork into it, if done at regular intervals this can really help by making small holes in your lawn. Or you could invest in some aerator shoes, just watch where you are walking in them or it may be a painful experience.

Aerating your soil allows the water and nutrients to get deeper down, allowing better drainage and feeding the roots of the grass. If you are dealing with a bigger area though you might consider a rolling aerator that you can push along. This should make the job a little easier, and less time consuming. I have included some quick tips for lawn aeration, and also a look at how to choose the best lawn aerator for your needs.

Is your lawn hungry?

It is not just flowers and vegetables that need feeding, a lawn that is lacking in nutrients will not be able to deal with wear and tear. You can either get a testing kit yourself or take a sample to your local garden center. By testing your soil you will be able to cater any lawn fertilizer to your particular lawn.

Shady or Hot?

If you have any areas of your lawn that do not get enough sun your grass will struggle to grow, on the other hand if it gets too much hot sun, it will become scorched. You can choose some variety of grass seeds that are able to thrive in these conditions. Do some research, and find one that suits your garden.

If that fails then you could think of widening your border and putting some plants there that like the shade, or plants that like to be hot and dry.

I hope these tips help you to enjoy your lawn, as much as I enjoy mine.

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