How To Install New Sod

how to lay sodAre you tired of always having the only unhealthy, crunchy lawn in the neighborhood? Who doesn’t want to be the envy of the neighborhood with green, lush grass. If you are wondering just how to maintain your lawn and get it as green as the Jones’ then read these tips:

Often house builders scrap away good soil from around your newly built house to make way for construction. This means that though the sod they laid looks nice for a few weeks, in the long run the grass will start to die off because of lack of nutrients in the soil. If this happened to your lawn, you will have to start from scratch.

Get Rid Of Your Weeds

First off, if you plan on putting down new sod right away, you should try to remove any weeds BEFORE you remove your old lawn as thistles as well as quack grass only need a tiny little shoot to grow again. You can use a weed killer such as Round-up a few days before you plan on removing your old sod – just make sure that the weeds are dead.

Remove Your Old Sod

You will need to either remove your existing grass or till it under. If you choose to remove the lawn, you will need to use a spade or fork to help turn the grass over. Here are a couple of tips to make it go easier:

  1. Make sure to water the grass a few days before you begin so that the ground is easier to work with – not saturated but moist.
  2. Using a edger or sharp spade, cut your lawn into 1 foot strips. Once your grass is in strips, you can slide your shovel underneath to pry it loose from the dirt. You can then lift the grass off or roll the grass up, making sure to shake any loose soil.

If you have a large lawn, you may want to rent a sod cutter as removing your lawn manually is quite labor intensive.

Tilling Grass Under

What is great about tilling your grass under is that you can use a tiller. While it still is a bit of work as you are still putting your back into it, it is easier than shovelling! Depending on how dense your grass is, you may have to go over it a few times to get it all tilled. Once you have tilled the grass, remove any clumps, making sure to shake off any excess dirt.

Level Out Your Plot

Once you have finished removing your old sod, whether you choose to do it manually or till it under, it is time to make sure that it is all level. You will need your handy rake which you can use to level out any clumps or bumps. You may have to go over each area a few times to ensure that you have a good base for setting up your new lawn.

Lay Your Sod

Once you have your yard leveled out, it is time to lay your new sod. Once it is laid, make sure that you consistently water it so that its roots get established. In no time at all, you will be the envy of the neighborhood with your beautiful green lawn! All you need now is a new lawn mower to keep it looking all nice and trimmed.


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