How To Have A Weed Free Lawn

Have you ever looked out your window only to see a sea of yellow dandelions? While my kids love to pick these ‘flowers’ for their mommy, I personally hate them growing in my grass. I mostly was doing the environmental thing and manually picking the dandelions out but often I find that I don’t get the whole root so I inevitably end up with another weed a few weeks later. After being frustrated for years, I finally asked my neighbor what he was doing with his lawn as he always seemed to be weed free. Here are his tips:

Find A Good Weed Killer

I found a good weed killer which I used on my dandelions. You do need to be careful where you spray with this as it will kill plants as well if they even get a little overspray on them. Choose a windless day to apply the mixture. You also want to make sure that you are not expecting any rain soon as it will dilute the product so that it is not as effective. In a few days you will notice the weeds getting straggly – this is a good sign as it means the weed killer is working.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Once you get rid of your dandelions, the next step to keeping them from coming back is to keep your lawn fertilized. A healthy, lush lawn makes it harder for dandelion seeds to get established. Find a good lawn fertilizer and follow the application instructions for upkeep. In only a few weeks you will see how effective these tips are in making sure you have a weed free lawn.

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