How to Fix Those Dog Urine Patches the Easy Way

Get rid of the dog!

Just kidding; as a pet owner I know that’s not an option!

If you’re the proud owner of a pooch that has access to a lawned area, you’ll know just how unsightly the patches your little friend produces in your lovingly tended lawn are.

What causes the patches?

dog urine All dog’s urine contains a very high concentration of nitrogen, and it’s this element that is extremely “hot” to tender grass.

But doesn’t grass need Nitrogen to grow a healthy green?

Well, yes it does, but in moderation. Just ask any farmer who is growing a crop of wheat or barley, indeed pretty near any crop, they know they have to apply nitrogen, but they also know they need to apply it evenly and in moderation, as too much will “burn” any crop.

The trouble is your dog doesn’t know this and also hasn’t figured out to spread his “business” evenly, nor in moderation either. In fact, if you have a “she dog” ~ I have trouble saying “bitch” ~ then this will be more evident, as they tend to dump their entire pee in the one spot, whereas a male dog likes to wander around, strut his stuff and sprinkle his tinkle, and so he is less likely to leave it in a concentrated spot.

So what’s the magic ingredient to fix the pee patches?

It’s none other than water, pure clean water! Though there are a myriad of magical mixes you can purchase, the simple fact is nitrogen is helpful to your grass when applied in the right quantities, so if you have an area of highly concentrated nitrogen from your dog’s pee, then it’s a simple matter of getting it to the right concentration, and this is easiest done by leaching it out with just applying water, lots of it.

Keep the water handy….

I regularly water our lawn with a sprinkler, and this helps, but a trick I’ve learned is to keep a couple of full buckets of water handy, and when I see our prized Bulldog bitch, ~whew, I said it ~ squatting, I’ll simply follow up by dumping the bucket on the spot immediately after she’s finished.

english bulldog It’s really not hard. We have a small backyard & KC is pretty much a creature of habit, so her “bathroom break” is usually at the same time each morning, and it’s easy enough to keep an eye on her, and water accordingly. Couple that with adequate watering with your sprinkler, and you shouldn’t have too much problem.

With a little care you too can have grass as beautiful as your Bulldog!



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