The Four Gardening Seasons – Summer

Summer, a close second to my favorite season that being Spring, to be in my garden.

Here’s why

  • Summer is when we get to watch when all the garden planning we did over the long winter months comes to life.
  • Summer is when the soil we’ve nurtured with compost in the fall gardening season let’s the spring’s plantings take hold and establish themselves.
  • Summer is when all the pee patches, left over from a winter of our bulldog’s daily visits, fill in and green up.
  • Summer is when the the fruit trees set their tiny seeds at blossoming, and you watch apples doubling in size, weekly it seems.
  • Summer is when it’s time to spread the second application of a good N P K fertilizer blend with your EARTHWAY SPREADER
  • Summer is when the fruitions of your labors in the fall, winter and spring gardening seasons all come together

Time to relax

In our situation we have a fairly small yard as we live in a town, and as we love our flowers so much we have decided to just have flowers and a lawn area exclusively. Of course it’s liberally adorned with hanging baskets, our favorite flower towers, garden fountains, squirrel proof bird feeders and more. The trees are all leafed out, the sky is blue, the days are warm, just perfect days to relax and enjoy your gardening efforts. What better way than a stretch out on your lawn, after a strenuous morning of digging, pruning, weed whacking, lawn fertilizer spreading, cutting grass and all those other chores that come with being a gardener.

Evenings at Gramma’s

Luckily we live a short way from Gramma’s place, who still lives on the family farm, and graciously hosts all the family to participate in a huge communal vegetable garden. Blessed with rich black soil, sheltered from the winds by a hedge of 50 year old Spruce trees, her plot is a perfect place to both teach the kids about gardening, as well as to attract lot’s of family members for their summer gardening tending visits. Perhaps the best for the kids though is the evenings sitting around Gramma’s fire pit, sipping a hot chocolate with all the cousins.

Summer Storms

Living on the prairies as we do we do, each summer we’ll be treated to the most awesome summer storms. Our days get quite hot, and about noon you’ll see the beginnings of a few clouds building in an otherwise clear blue sky, then culminating in early evenings with a wicked display from mother nature.

Some say that a phenomenon resulting from these summer storm’s electrical activity is how they somehow cause a surge in the Nitrogen levels in the atmosphere. True or not I have no idea, what I do know is after we’ve experienced a real beauty of an electrical storm, I swear everything’s greener and more lush. Coincidence?

If we’re really lucky, the winds and hail miss our gardens, but sometimes we’re not all that lucky and we get an early introduction to our fall cleanup.

Yep, summer’s a mighty fine time to be a gardener.

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