How To Maintain Your Felco 2 Pruners

When my husband and I first moved into our new house, one of the first things that I purchased for our garden was a pair of Felco F-2 pruners. While these pruners were more expensive than your average, cheaper hardware store variety, with the proper maintenance they can last for many, many years. Here are three tips to help you maintain your Felco pruners so that they are sharp every time you use them:

Clean Your Pruners

Probably the most important thing to remember in maintaining your Felco pruners is to keep them clean. After every use you should wipe them down with a rag to get rid of any dirt or debris that may be caught in the blades. This is especially important if they come in contact with moisture as wiping them down will help prevent rusting.

Oil Your Pruners

After you clean your pruners, you should take care to oil them to prevent the blades from corroding. You can also oil the spring by removing it from between the handles, place a few drops of oil down the spring while working it up and down and then replace spring when done.

Sharpen Your Pruners

Keeping your pruners sharp ensures that your blades are cutting your bushes and perennials properly without causing damage to the stems. When sharpening it is always important to remember to hold the pruner correctly. While holding your pruner upside down at a 23 degree angle, stroke downwards downwards with your sharpening tool. Flip them over and stroke upwards at a 5 degree. Remember not to cut yourself as they they will be sharp.

Maintaining your Felco 2 pruners will ensure that they last for many years. This not only means you increase your original investment but the bonus is that you will never be without sharp pruners again!

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