Best Color To Paint Garden Fences

dark fenceWho would thought a simple question like what is the best color to paint a garden fence could lead to so much discussion. But you will find people on gardening forums debating it over and over again. It is definitely a popular topic for discussion. After having had fences in numerous colors I have come to a solid conclusion though.

It is best to either leave the wood natural or to paint it a dark color.

What Paint To Use

Use a paint that also acts as a preservative so that you do not need to repeat the paint job every year. Buy something of very good quality too, cheap stuff is cheap for a reason.

Either just use a preservative that has no color to kep the natural beauty of the wood or use a dark color, and I will tell you why.

Dark brings out the colors of your plants.

Go for dark green or even black if you have very heavy planting. The darker the color the more the plants and flowers will stand out and the more natural it looks too.

Use a bright color and it will detract from the planting, and you are sure to regret it very quickly.

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