Why I Love Being in the Great Outdoors, Even If Just a Garden

Why I love being in a Garden

There is something special about sharing time and space with others whilst outdoors, to me sharing a winter afternoon around a propane fire pit while the designated Chef (preferably me) cooks away is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I think having the chance to enjoy eating and drinking alfresco is an uplifting experience, but only if you notice it. It’s probably why those that live in around the Mediterranean often enjoy such a long and healthy life.

Noticing the Wonder of Nature

When I am out gardening or walking along a forest path, I am always struck by the peacefulness and sheer scale and nature of my surroundings. Like far away lands you can be sure that if you stop long enough and look deep enough you will find a world within a world.

A Garden Party Observer

If we pay attention to the experience we are experiencing, I believe there is something to be gained from everything that we go through in this life. When I am at a garden party, I will often take a step back from the proceedings and look in as an observer of the event and see the most beautiful thing going on. A unity between nature and the people that inhabit it. The fact is that everything is connected together, that WE are all connected in this life, all ONE.

Tree Network Communication

If you are interested you can Click the Picture to Watch a short 5 Minute Video


A garden is for ‘LIFE’ not just for Christmas

It’s only when you give yourself the chance to notice this that you realise that one couldn’t function without the other and that a garden is like a whole galaxy right in front of your eyes. From the soil and the blades of grass to the flowers and bees, all rely on one another and we too rely on these seemingly unrelated creatures and events. I’m no expert, so correct me if I’m wrong, but could we live without photosynthesis? According to this plant article, no we could not..

Think about that for a while and if you want to enjoy warmer evenings on colder winter nights read more about why I chose to buy a wood burning fireplace , to help keep me outdoors for longer.

To See A World In A Grain Of Sand

Expect a few more random ramblings from me in the near future, as long BigGranite is happy enough to publish them, I will continue to allow the profound thoughts that arise to be…


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