No More Winter Blues – Buy a Wood Burning Fireplace

A wood burning fireplace could be answer to the winter blues, read on below for my story…

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Weber 2726 Wood Burning FireplaceAs winter nears and the days become shorter a lot of people will miss sitting outside of an evening with a drink, either non-alcoholic or their favourite tipple. There is something really satisfying during the summer months whereby coming home after a day’s work doesn’t necessarily signify the end of the day, but rather the start of a lovely and pleasant part of the day and early evening sitting in the garden or on a decking area outside of the house. Essentially, sitting outside and taking it all in, the cool breeze, the sound of birds and rustling trees or just extra activity from cars and people around us if we’re living in a more built up area.


Prolonging your evenings with a wood burning stove

Being outside is good for the soul but as it gets darker and colder, many of us end up confined to looking at four walls and going stir crazy watching TV that we don’t need to watch and eating comfort food to get over the Seasonal Affected Disorder symptoms we feel as the nights draw in.

One of the ways I have found to combat being cooped up indoors is to get outdoors with a wood burning stove. I might have to wear extra layers to fend off any deep chills but I have now found the solution to breaking the evening up a bit. I really enjoy this time of the day and even though it’s dark when I leave home and return, I do enjoy being outside, especially after being in an office or similar everyday.


Searching for an Outdoor Fire Pit

I did a lot of research on amazon to see if I was going to buy a wood burning fire pit or a propane fire pit. A number of factors will enter the buying decision when you’re looking for fire pits. It’s similar to barbecues. Often times, the Chef or firestarter will prefer the sense of starting a fire from scratch with coal and their chosen fire lighters, it feels a bit more hands on, a bit more authentic and old school. If you like to eat BBQ food a lot during the summer then a gas barbecue might be better for you, so you can fire it up instantly, but I was looking for an outdoor fire pit, I wasn’t too concerned about speed. Some people have more free time than others so this will play a major part in choosing what you want to go for.

The Ritual of Using a Wood Burning Fireplace

I’m the type of person who likes the great outdoors even when I live in a city like I am at the moment. One of my favourite things is being around a campfire, even if it’s only tiny. There is nothing quite like lighting a fire for a bit of warmth or to cook some food and then being gently hypnotised by the flicker of the flames, it really is quite mesmerizing. There is something about the flames and their frequency moving at a rhythm that gently soothes you as you stare, very similar to watching the ocean rock back and forth. It also tunes me into something a bit primal, sort of turning back time to long ago where besides food and water, being near a fire would have been a priority and essential to survival. Personally I prefer to use a wood burning fire pit, I like to take part in starting the fire, it’s just my preference but there are some awesome gas fire pit options to choose that with a turn of a dial and a click of a button, you get instant fire!

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Buy a wood burning fireplace

I was looking for an outdoor fire pit that was a good price and that would suit my needs, as I mentioned before I did a fair amount of research and opted for the Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace. Weber are a well known and trusted brand and I was not disappointed. One of the best features is the lid that allows you to snuff the fire out so you won’t have to leave it to burn out on its own or use water etc. The lid is also great because it helps to deflect the heat down to chair level to keep you nice and toasty. I’m fairly strict on Health & Safety at home so I also opted for some Weber Style 6456 Grill Gloves to keep my hands out of harms way.



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