Using Wood Chips for Flavouring Your Meat

This past fall my dad called to ask if we wanted the wood from an apple tree they were cutting down. As my husband recently bought a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, he was very keen on getting this wood. We got it all stacked up under the deck so that it could sit over the winter and be ready to use for the coming summer.

Some of the best things that my husband has cooked has been when using these apple wood chunks. They are perfect for using with pork and chicken as it adds a bit of sweetness to the smoking process. We ended up ordering some hickory wood chips to go with our beef cuts of meat as the apple really didn’t suit the red meats. Until my husband bought his smoker, I had never eaten smoked meat before. Now that we have the smoker, I have definitely come to love this type of cooking.

One Response to Using Wood Chips for Flavouring Your Meat

  1. Ashley

    We use wood chips from our peach tree when we are smoking meat. It makes the smoke flavor so delicious!

    We prefer using fruit wood now over hickory chips, and we have a hickory tree too!

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