Avoid These Garden Equipment Blunders

You pay good money for your tools, right?

It only makes sense to take good care of them.

Don’t make these mistakes!

Not Protecting From Rain & Weather Damage

If you store your prize tiller outdoors, be sure to have it well-covered and the cover firmly secure.

For your sweet baby of a hobby farm tractor, an even better solution would be to get a proper riding mower cover.

Not Cleaning Off the Dirt

Whether it’s your Korean curved spade cultivator, or your hand pruner shears, make sure they are clear of soil and organic material when you are finished for the day.

Mixing Edibles and Animal Excreta

Be careful if you haul poopy stuff like guano, manure, or chicken litter for organic fertilizers.

DO NOT use the same garden tub or harvest basket that you use for your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Clean and dirty should never mix.

Leaving Tools Outside

Dropping your tools and thinking you will go back later to get them is a big no no.

You might think you will remember to fetch that boot scraper brush, the leather garden gloves, or those hedge trimmers, but trust me, it won’t happen. Once you get back inside the house, it’s too easy to forget to go back out.

Bottom Line

Taking proper care of your seasonal tools and equipment is one of the things that will distinguish you as a Big Granite Gardener! Be conscientious about it. Keep your garden alive and well and beautiful by taking good care of all gardening equipment.

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