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At the foot of the Rocky Mountains (where the pine trees meet the plains), the United States Department of Agriculture Hardiness Map says our growing conditions are in Zone 5. That means anything over-wintering needs to be tough enough to handle temperatures as low as -20 to -10 F (-28.9 to -23.3 C). Not only that, but it can be dry here, it hails, and snows. So, if you want real fun in your life, try gardening on the high prairie where Mother Nature thinks it's fun to throw you challenges. This is where true gardeners show their mettle.

In Love With My John Deere Lawn Tractor


That wife of mine knows the way to a man’s heart. My John Deere riding mower is far and away the favorite piece of garden equipment we have that I received as a gift. It’s green and beautiful and a supremely functional garden machine. > > > Check price for a John Deere riding mower…

Avoid These Garden Equipment Blunders

Big Granite Garden Beautiful

You pay good money for your tools, right? It only makes sense to take good care of them. Don’t make these mistakes! Not Protecting From Rain & Weather Damage If you store your prize tiller outdoors, be sure to have it well-covered and the cover firmly secure. For your sweet baby of a hobby farm…

Hobby Farm Heaven

Duck Duck Farm

Acquiring a hobby farm can be a natural step for the avid home gardener. And why not! The more you garden, the more space you want for gardening, and the more farm creatures and equipment one tends to collect. It’s a fact. It can happen quickly, too. One day you own a solitary spade trowel…