Hobby Farm Heaven

Acquiring a hobby farm can be a natural step for the avid home gardener. And why not! The more you garden, the more space you want for gardening, and the more farm creatures and equipment one tends to collect.

It’s a fact.

It can happen quickly, too. One day you own a solitary spade trowel and are into small space gardening, and by the next summer you are dreaming about more acreage and riding mowers.

What Is a Hobby Farm

Unlike commercial corporate farm operations and independent working farms, hobby farmers have no delusions about earning a full-time living off the land.

They usually have day jobs or retirement benefits that bring in the majority of their income.

Sustainable Living

Many hobby farmers like to grow as much of their own food as possible.

Besides harvestables, ducks and chickens are easy to raise, provide manure for the garden, and eggs for the table.

Honey from bee keeping is delicious!

How Much Acreage

If you savor rural living, how big a lot you buy is a matter of personal taste and budget.

One person may be happy with a half an acre on the outskirts of town, while another person might want 5, 10, or 20 acres.

What gentleman farmer activities are allowed by local zoning laws and how much grazing pasture you might require, are other considerations.

As a general rule, hobby farmers don’t mind having neighbors, but feel that those neighbors should be kept at bay by a bit of distance. After all, do you want them hearing your discussions on the back patio?

Why Be a Hobby Farmer

Owning a hobby farm isn’t usually about tax advantages or earning much income from crops.

More and more it comes down to a lifestyle choice, quality living, and breathing fresh unpolluted country air.

If fresh food gardening and open spaces are for you, then by all means consider owning or renting a hobby farm.


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