How To Care For Your Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is one of the most important garden tools if you are to save your back from extra work. It is a relatively cheap item yet it comes in so handy I could not imagine being without it. Here are a few tips to ensure it stays in the best possible condition.

Follow these simple rules to avoid your wheelbarrow ending up looking like mine!!!


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Wheelbarrow Handle Care

How to care for wheelbarrow handles is relatively simple. If they are wooden then you simply need to give them a clean up and sandpaper is invaluable if they have become a little splintered and brittle.

Then use an oil like linseed oil, or even cheap olive oil, to give them some protection from the elements. Ensure that you allow the handles to dry properly in the Sun before you put the barrow anywhere out of the elements.

Caring For The Barrow

The main part of the wheelbarrow, the barrow itself, should be cleaned as often as you can. It is best to scrape off all dirt and then use a wire brush if needed to get it back to a pristine state. You can often clean it well just by using a hose with good pressure, and again allow it to dry well in the sun before you store it away.

All garden tools really should be kept in the best possible condition.

To be honest I am totally lax about this and I know I should take better care of my tools. But as we live somewhere where it hardly ever rains then tools simply do not rust like they do if you live somewhere where relatively wet conditions prevail.

Ideally you should always store your equipment inside, Garden equipment reviews here at Big Granite will all confirm that storing tool inside in a shed of some description is always the best advice.

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