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AJ lives in Southern Ontario, Canada and paid his way through University by spending long hours in the summers working for a local landscaping company. He still enjoys yard work, and spending lots of time outdoors with his family.

Dethatching Your Lawn Using a Power Rake

Greenworks 27022 14-inch Electric Dethatcher

Using A Power Rake On Your Lawn When you have a lot of dead plant material piling up on your lawn, a power rake is an excellent way to remove that excess debris. A power rake can be used to remove dead leaf pile up in the fall or grass trimmings after you have cut […]

What Is A Dethatching Rake?

Dethatching Rake

If your lawn does not look as nice as you would like for it to look, the problem might be in how you are removing the dead plant debris that comes from grass trimmings and falling leaves. Instead of using a standard rake, you should be utilizing a dethatching rake to improve the soil of […]

Keep Your Lawn Healthy With Lawn Aerator Shoes

Aerator Shoes

If you are looking for ways to improve the soil on your lawn, then you might want to consider aeration or dethatching your lawn. When you aerate the lawn, the process involves having holes punched into the soil. Instead of getting an expensive garden tool for this process, you can get a pair of aerator […]