How To Shade A Patio

shade sailBecause we live in such a warm climate it is essential that we have shade on our patio. When looking into how to shade a patio I came up with a number of different solutions. Simple shade umbrellas are an option, but to be honest they are not stable enough. A gust of wind and they are prone to break, plus they don’t offer a large enough expanse of shade in the first place.

Outdoor Patio Sun Shade

An outdoor patio sun shade that is versatile and large enough to accommodate many people is the answer. And I found the perfect solution. And the great thing about the solution is that it is totally versatile. It will allow you to keep cool even during the hottest of days. My solution actually lowers the temperature by a third, which is pretty impressive.

Patio Shade Sails

Patio shade sails aer the solution you have been looking for. I have provided a full of review of the coolaroo shade sail and it is the best solution I have ever come across.

Why A Shade Sail?

  • Can withstand high winds
  • Easy to put up and take down
  • You won’t be hitting your head on it!

The beauty of the shade sail is that you can position them high. Unlike umbrellas you won’t be ducking and trying to sit in just the right spot to get some welcome coolness. You simply hook the shade sail up rather high and it provides a large cool area underneath to allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being sweltering hot.

Patio Shade Solutions

Of all the different ideas for shading the patio the shade sail is by far the best. I can’t think of anything else that even comes close to it in terms of the protection it gives without interfering with normal outdoor activity. Read my review for the full run-down, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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