How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden

If you have every found a cat slinking off to do its business in your flower garden…you don’t have to arm yourself with the waterhose to stand guard. I used to garden with no gloves as I actually liked digging in the dirt until one day I was cleaning out weeds and found the friendly neighborhood cat’s litter box. After cleaning it up I started searching online for a way to stop cats from coming in my garden. I tried growing different plants that were supposed to be offensive to a cat’s smell, bought products that you dumped in the garden to keep them away – all with no success.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden

    • After searching and racking my brain, I found a solution…chicken wire. I even had a roll in my garage that wasn’t being used so I tried it and it worked. It does take a bit of work and is probably best done either in the spring when not much as started to pop up or in the fall when you have cleared out your garden. All you have to do is lay the wire over your garden – you will need wire cutters to trim any excess as well as some wire tie downs to keep the chicken wire in place. That is pretty much it. You can see the wire once it is laid but in the summer all your plants will grow and fill it in.
    • Dont plant a catmint plant anywhere near your garden – big mistake! Not only does it grow like a weed but apparently it is also known by its more famous name catnip which cats LOVE.
Image: Orange tabby cat sitting on fallen leaves-Hisashi-01A.jpg Hisashi at Flickr as CC-BY-SA

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