Preparing For A Snowstorm

With winter quickly approaching, you might be thinking ahead fondly to a break from lawn care and gardening chores. While snow can provide great recreational opportunities, it also can bring possibly hazardous situations. When you learn that a snow storm is heading your way, it is a good idea to prepare your home and outdoor areas to minimize damage.


Severe snowstorms often bring a loss of electricity with their arrival. To prepare for a power outage during a snow storm, stock up on candles, blankets and portable propane heaters for your family. If you have a wood burning fireplace or stove, you can stock up on firewood. Also stock up on food that can be prepared without a working stove or microwave. You may also experience a water problem during a snow storm, which makes a supply of bottled water a good idea.

To avoid falls when walking out of your home, buy some rock salt to sprinkle on any exterior walkways, sidewalks, or paths around your home. The salt can be sprinkled on the surface to remove existing ice or to prevent ice. This can also help to keep your driveway free of ice buildup.

A snow storm can dump a large amount of snow in your driveway, making it difficult to get your car out of the garage and on the road. If you don’t mind the manual labor, you can get a sturdy snow shovel for removing snow from the driveway. An alternate option is a good snow thrower that can effortlessly remove the snow for you. Snow blowers can be used on exterior areas such as driveways, sidewalks, walkway paths and patios.

Other items you might want to keep on hand include batteries, a battery-operated radio or television and entertainment items. Severe snowstorms can leave you stranded in your home with no electricity. Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to ensure that your home and outdoor areas escape the storm unscathed.

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