Still Shovelling Snow Manually? Buy a Toro Snowblower Instead

Snow Shoveling Injuries

Snow Shovelling TechniquesIt has been reported that more than 11,000 people end up making a visit to hospital with snow shovelling related injuries. Within 2 minutes cold temperatures will cause your blood vessels in your heart to tighten and constrict. These freezing cold temperatures lead to an increase in your heart rate and your blood pressure quickly rising and can often leave many people in a very bad predicament, it can even be deadly. These symptoms are of course not solely attributed to shovelling snow but it is important to be aware of these issues in winter. If you’re not prepared to buy something like a toro snowblower then you may aswell know how to approach your snow shovelling task as safely as possible.


Snow Shovelling Technique

With any exercise you should always warm up adequately, stretch and do a few light exercises to prepare your body. Always make sure you concentrate on bending your knees and keeping a straight back. Even tightening your stomach muscles by pulling your stomach in as far as possible and holding it there can keep you better protected and also avoid too must twisting about.

Where possible push the snow away from you rather than lifting it and keep the correct size shovel firmly in your grasp. Keep yourself warm with layers and be mindful that for many of you reading this you might not be as young as you used to be and therefore more prone to injury.


Pride before a Fall

Being able to do less than you used to be able to do happens to all of us with age but if you don’t approach plowing your driveway sensibly, you put yourself at risk. It takes longer to heal the older we get, so we must avoid injury as much as possible. At the same time anyone under the age of 18 would be better off supervised, even if they are keen to help with the removal of snow they should be made aware of the risks.

Toro Snow Blowers

This might all seem a bit too serious, after all it’s only shovelling some snow, but all it takes is an awkward fall for a bone break or fracture, getting a slipped a disc or popping your knee cartilage and that’s before taking the stress on our catrdiovascular sytem into account. If you want to avoid all the hassle of manual snow plowing why not check out these Toro Snow Blowers.


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