Toro 1800 Power Curve Loose Belt Help and Solution

Toro 1800 Loose Belt Problems

Toro 1800 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow ThrowerI have been reading the discussions for the Toro Snowblower and in particular the Toro 1800 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower over at amazon and it seems that a lot of users have been having problems with one of the belts slipping off after a few uses or even after its first go. I would not want to recommend these electric start snow blowers if there wasn’t an easy fix for this. Luckily, a few users of this snow machine have found a solution and so I will summarise their findings here for everyone’s benefit, after all BigGranite is here to help!

Toro Snowblower Loose Belt Solution

If you find your belt has begun to loosen or has slipped off completely there is a simple fix. At times maintenance is required on such machines, here is the solution:


  • Take off both of the side covers
  • Put the belt back on or re-position it
  • Check to see that both pulleys are aligned properly, inline.
  • Tighten the pulley using the correct size socket set/ wrench and a 5/16 allen key hex wrench (for the opposite side), try to tighten as much as possible.
  • The rotor should now be tight with no side to side give/movement
  • If you want to: duct tape side covers to keep any excess moisture away from the moving parts


Essentially some of these models have slipped through the quality control process and just need a bit of tinkering. It’s the torque of the rotor that seems to be the problem, if not tight enough the belt can fly off as it works its way loose from side to side. With sufficient tension the belt will not move.

Getting the most from your Toro Snow Blowers

After this procedure has been carried out, customers report many years of happy snow throwing use with the Toro 1800. Yes it can be a bit of hassle, but it should be a one time deal, fix it once and you’re away it’s better than going back to shovelling snow manually!


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