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Toro Snow BlowersI visited one of my good friends just outside NYC last Xmas, I went along to check out the sights and at the same time catch up with an old university pal. When we arrived there was snow everywhere, it was very picturesque, a very beautiful backdrop that was postcard picture perfect…but then came the practicalities! How were we going to get my mate to drive us around everyday if his car and driveway were under 5 inches of snow? I thought of the movies and the times I’ve seen people using snow shovels like ‘Old Man Marley’ in Home Alone .

Was this the fate that awaited us on our holidays? I certainly hoped not..


Enter the Toro Snowblower – Toro 1800 Power Curve

Arriving at night we were greeted with the pleasant feel of winter but without the hassles of frozen roads and black ice, most of it had thawed throughout the day but what would the morning have in store? After Eggs Benedict and Orange Juice, Edd calls me out to the front drive, “Come and check this bad boy out!” , “Phew” I thought, he had a toro snow thrower to plow his drive and free the car that we so desperately needed to keep costs down and get an insiders look at the Big Apple.


Use Toro Snow Blowers for Fast, Effective, Easy Snow Removal

With his electric snowblower he took out 5inches of snow on a 50ft x 2 car wide drive in 10-15mins. If his neighbours owned a gas snow thrower they probably wouldn’t have even carried out their maintenance checks by then, but how would we know? We wouldn’t…we were outta there! Any of them using a manual snow shovel, like Edd said in his broad New York accent ‘Forget About It’. They’d be huffing and puffing while we were cruising down the block. I had a quick go and I thought that it was very lightweight and easy to move around. He stores it in a cupboard inside the house so it’s easy to carry if you have nowhere to keep it outside.


The Toro 1800 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower Limitations

This electric powered rig is 24pounds of pure snow throwing muscle but be forewarned that it’s not as powerful as a gas powered setup. If you have a huge driveway more than 3 or 4 cars wide and 100ft+ long, then this might not be ideal for you, but for decks, tight spaces and smaller driveways this could be the best snow thrower for the money. This Toro Snow Thrower has been a top buy for quite some time, that’s why my buddy got it!

Toro 1800 Power Curve Torque Complaints

This Toro snowblower has been designed to produce high torque and operate at relatively low speeds, however you should be aware that sometimes the Toro 1800 can struggle with hard compacted snow. Get the snow the morning after it has fallen and you will be ok. There can also be issues with a loose belt that slips off its pulley, a remedy for which can be found over here at the Toro 1800 Loose Belt Help Page.

Toro Snowblower

Compact and Easy to Maintain with Electric Power

No gas or oil to change and use up, no spark plugs to buy or swap and no tune ups, this snow throwing machine is a cost effective, simple way to keep your decks, porches, patios and smaller driveways clear.


What’s inside the Box?

1 x Snowblower, parts for assembly, and an operators manual

Tip: Buy the 100ft extension cord, so you have that little bit extra room to manoeuvre.


What makes the Best Snow Blowers?

It all comes down to each individual users requirements, the good thing is that there are electric start snow blowers for anyone who has a small deck to clear or a smaller driveway and gas powered snow blowers for bigger tasks. I think one of the best snow blowers on the market is the Toro 1800 Electric Curve Snow Thrower. If you have to face cold winters like my friend Edd, it might make your mornings considerably easier if you ditched the snow shovel and went for an electric snow thrower instead. He was glad he bought one and only wished he got one sooner.

Toro Snow Blowers On Sale

There are lots of Toro snow blowers for sale with a range that will suit just about any budget and snow throwing task you ‘throw‘ at it ;-) , you can see the full range here!


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