Don’t Forget to Prune Your Autumn Raspberries Now

Raspberries are one of the easiest and most fun plants to grow. If you have kids they’ll love being able to go out into the garden and harvest their own little bowl of raspberries. It is even more fun to eat them right off the cane.

They are also pretty simple to grow and just need a bit of sun. But you do need to do some basic maintenance and some of that includes pruning the canes at the right time.

There are two main varieties of raspberry, those that produce their fruit early in summer and those that fruit in the autumn. If you have the autumn variety you need to take action now (January in the northern hemisphere) by trimming the canes right down to the ground. This will ensure that they grow strongly in the spring and produce a fresh crop of fruit.

Another job you should be doing at this time of year is pruning your apple and pear trees too. Do these jobs properly and you’ll have a great crop to enjoy in the summer.

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