Winged Weeders – The Perfect Weeding Tool

winged weederI was introduced to gardening the hard way…the family garden. As a teenager, I was not all that thrilled to be out there weeding the veggie patch when I could be out doing something much more fun. As soon as I left home I thought that I had left weeding behind – it was definitely not my favourite chore from the weekly list.

Fast Forward A Few Years

My roommate decided that we should use the garden out back where we lived as she thought it would be fun. I dragged my feet and complained for most of the spring even though I contributed my money for seeds and supplies. I half heartedly got the garden planted and then we waited. It didn’t take long for the tiny sprouts to peek through the dirt – of course it wasn’t only veggie seeds, we also had a fair dose of weeds as well.

As I think back to those first few months of relearning gardening, I actually started to find that I enjoyed working and getting my hands dirty. I even found *gasp* that I found weeding relaxing. Back then I plugged in my Sony Walkman and cruised to my tunes all while whacking at the pesky weeds. When I was ticked off, I headed out to the garden to take out my frustration on the weeds. Of course, all my weeding had a huge advantage as we had the biggest bumper crop of veggies that fall. Even now after gardening for more than 10 years, I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Why I Bought My Winged Weeder

difference between winged weeders

Size Difference Between Winged Weeder Blades

Back then I used our old fashioned hoe, nothing fancy but it did the job. I was satisfied – I thought. However when out visiting a friend who had just come back from Idaho Falls, I saw her pull out her Winged weeder. Of course, I had to give it a whirl as she sang its praises. Once I tried it out I knew I wanted one. As a struggling student at the time, I saved my pennies and bought one as soon I had enough.

What is great about the Winged Weeder is that it has multiple functions. Not only does it weed my garden but I can also use it to make furrows for my seeds and then cover them. The blade easily slices through the weeds making what could be a daunting task, easy to do. Check out some of the functions the Winged Weeder can do:

  • weeding
  • hoeing
  • making furrows
  • cultivating
  • trowel for cement
  • edging flower beds

Here are a few of the different Winged Weeders that are available:

winged weeder 100Winged Weeder 100

This was my first purchase of a Winged Weeder. This award winning weeder is perfect for using in your vegetable garden as you can clean up any weeds that grow in the row as well as keep the garden edged for a cleaner look. As mentioned above, it is also great for seeding as you can make great furrows to put the seeds in.

winged weeder 200Winged Weeder 200

This particular weeder mimics the WW 100 however the blade is smaller. It still works the same however because the blade is smaller, you can use it in smaller spaces such as side flower beds.

winged weeder 800Winged Weeder 800

This is pretty much the same weeder as the WW 200 however it has a telescoping handle that can go from 36″ to 61″. This way you can use it either standing up or kneeling down.

winged weeder 300Winged Weeder 300

This is similar to the WW 200 in that it has the same size of blade however what makes it different is the shorter handle. This makes it perfect for working in smaller flower beds where you need a little more control so that you don’t end up weeding your plants.

winged weeder 600Winged Weeder 600

This precision weeder is great to use in perennial beds as well as using it to easily take out dandelions and thistles that somehow find their way into the garden.


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Made from quality steel, the Winged Weeders are sharp on all four sides of the blade. The bonus is that you never need to sharpen your weeder at all. The rubber covered handle is made from carbon steel with steel rivets. With a limited 3-year warranty, the American made Winged Weeder is made to last.

I’ve used my Winged weeder for over 10 years now and still love it. I even bought a Winged Weeder Jr. so that I could use it in my smaller flower beds. I find that I have more control as it has a shorter handle.

Here is a video showing you exactly what makes the Winged Weeder the perfect gardening tool:

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  1. When I grew up in NZ we used these and called them a “Dutch Hoe”, and when I moved to Canada & started my own gardening “life”, I couldn’t find them anywhere untill a few years ago, your exact brand in fact, & now I have 3 model/sizes.

    I could not imagine gardening without them. People comment on how free of weeds my gardens are & it’s no secret, nor is it hard work. Just keep a winged weeder with you when admiring the flower beds, and use it whenever you see a weed popping up.

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