Bokashi Composting – Some More Facts

bokashi salad

I wrote about the bokashi system of composting here on BG and thought I would give a little more information about it.

What not to put in your bokashi bin.

  • liquids or wet food
  • large bones,
  • shells from seafood.

Bokashi is acidic

so if you are digging it into your soil, leave it a few weeks before planting anything on top.

You could try the total DIY route

If you get keen, you can always make your own bokashi; it’s not that difficult. This link will take you to some excellent instructions:
and also has a list of suppliers for what you will need.

There are those who believe that the whole bran and special bucket thing is all over-hyped. Just ferment newspaper with lactobacillus you grow yourself from rice water. Personally I’m off to Amazon to start with. If all goes well I might go the D.I.Y route later.

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