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Tim has lived in a variety of climates in different parts of the world, but he only started gardening when he settled (for the time being) in Newmarket, England, where the weather is not too extreme. It is also a major centre for horse racing and breeding, so there’s LOADS of manure! Some think he’s a bit old school when it comes to gardening, but he’s a soft touch for any new fangled gadget.

Step 2 Garden Hopper Rolling Garden Seat

Step 2 Garden Hopper

Save Those Knees! It’s spring at last and there is so much work to do in the garden. We love being out there in the sunshine, smelling the earthy smells and seeing our plants peeping through the soil. There is just one problem common to many of us who love our gardens, but are not…

Enabled Gardening – Gardening For The Disabled

Gardening is gor everyone

  Dr Benjamin Rush, a Founding Father of the United States of America, provided a well known quotation. “It has been remarked, that the maniacs of the male sex in all hospitals, who assist in cutting wood, making fires, and digging in a garden, and the females who are employed in washing, ironing, and scrubbing…

Chitting And Chips – Time to Plant Your Tatties

They don't look like much, but these are late blight resistant Sorpas

The instructions say “Order your seed potatoes early and aim to get them in shallow trays by mid February” It’s late March and my seed potatoes have only just arrived! Well it’ll be fun to try and grow potatoes again. The last time I tried, they were got at by some sort of blight, so…

Pergolas for Your Climbing Plants


If you’re living in the northern hemisphere like me, you’ll be noticing the days getting longer. We’ve had an amazingly mild winter so far and although it’s only January, some days are cloudless and almost springlike. But I’m not letting it fool me – a blast from Siberia could come at any time. (Update: it’s…

Clematis and Other Climbers


Climbing Plants for a Pergola Pergolas are perfect as a special feature in your garden. There are those who are quite happy to leave their beautiful new pergola just as it is to be viewed in all its glory. This is particularly true of some of the modern constructions which just look amazing. But for…

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