Step 2 Garden Hopper Rolling Garden Seat

Save Those Knees!

It’s spring at last and there is so much work to do in the garden. We love being out there in the sunshine, smelling the earthy smells and seeing our plants peeping through the soil.

Step 2 Garden Hopper

Step 2 Garden Hopper

There is just one problem common to many of us who love our gardens, but are not as young as some. We’re just not as agile as we used to be. Stooping, kneeling and bending for any length of time results in aches and pains we could do without. Bad knees and bad backs can even put an end to our capers in the garden – which is a sad loss for many.

Help is at hand though. I found the Step2 5A0000 Garden Hopper Mobile Garden Stool and Storage on Amazon. It has helped many gardeners get back out there and enjoy some outdoor activity. You can stay comfortable while doing your gardening and carry everything you need in the hopper. There is even a slot to hold a cold drink! Many reviews on amazon mention the ideal height and the fact that it is light in weight. The price will vary, but as I write it is selling for only $26.23.

The Garden Hopper has a sturdy seat and wheels and gets you to the right height for gardening. It has a storage area for tools or as a place to put your veg after picking. Some people have suggested that a hinged seat would be useful, but this might make it less sturdy. This design means you don’t have to get up every time you want a tool. It is very light to carry and rugged for all weathers. One enterprising lady did a conversion job so her hopper takes a small beach umbrella. Now she can weed anywhere in the shade!

I have just been using mine to plant out seeds and seedlings. All that stooping was not doing my back any good at all. Now I can scoot along in a straight line and get the job done without feeling like an old crock afterwards.

Of course if your ground is very soft it will just sink in, but common sense and a little trial and error will guide you.

Garden Hopper

Garden Hopper

Gardening for the disabled

It’s not just seniors who love to use the hopper. Someone with a disability may well find a new hobby in the garden if the rolling seat gives them access they might not normally have. Imagine the possibilities of getting fresh air and activity instead of being indoors.

Not just for gardening

For many users, the hopper never makes it outside.

There are 117 five star reviews on Amazon for the hopper and some were very informative and inventive. Painting a fence, reaching low bookshelves, and getting access to low storage cupboards are just a few uses. Oh and grandchildren will turn it into a great toy.

I’m very glad I found the Step 2 Garden Hopper; I find myself getting down to some weeding much more often than before, and the price can’t be beaten.

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