Where To Buy Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Cheap

I love gardening…when I start to see all my spring bulbs push through dirt and snow, it gets me excited for the upcoming planting year. While I have done vegetable gardening in the past, I predominantly have flower beds as I have always thought that for all the hard work you have to put into vegetable gardening – it would just be cheaper to buy the produce in the store.

With this mindset, I have been buying all my vegetables and fruits in our local grocery store not even giving any thought to pesticides and chemicals that were being used on the produce. This past year as I have attempted to eat less processed foods and more natural foods I have all of a sudden realized just what we have been ingesting by not eating organically.

I have always thought that it cost too much to eat organic food however when you think of all the health problems that seem to be increasing around us, it has made me realize that buying pesticide-free foods for my family should be a priority. While looking for more information about organic veggies and fruits, a lot of the comments of those who eat organically say they can do it on a budget because they cut costs by choosing to grow their own vegetables.

This has led me to rethink my mindset of buying vegetables when I can grow my own. I have gone to our local library to check out different books on square foot gardening as well as looking for plans for making raised veggie gardens. As I want to grow the best vegetables for my family, I also realized that I should be using heirloom seeds – ones that have not been genetically altered. While looking online on Amazon I came across the Survival Seed Vault put out by My Patriot Supply .

I was excited to find this seed package vault. Not only would I be able to grow the seeds but I would be able to harvest the seeds so that I could grow them again. While I like the idea of growing organic veggies myself I also like the idea that I can get more seeds therefore increasing my return on my initial investment. Not only will I save money by growing my own organic veggies but I can also recoup my money by being able to harvest seeds each year to grow again.

Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault

Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault

Review of the Genesis Garden Survival Seed Vault

What Is Included:

  • Airtight Resealable Metal Storage Container
  • 20 Large Sized Vegetable Packets which are pre-pollinated and zone-friendly
  • Planting & Harvesting Guide

Not Genetically Modified

All of the seeds that are included in the Survival Seed Vault are non-hybrid veggie seeds. What this means is that none of the seeds have been modified genetically at all – these could have been the same kinds of seeds that your grandparents used! Because they are not modified this allows you to propagate your own seeds thus allowing you to use them for years.

With the recent news of incidents of GM (genetically modified) crops harming other organisms such as the Monarch Butterfly due to wind blowing and causing the GM crops to cross-pollinate with other plants, the butterfly feeds on these cross-pollinated plants which in turn is killing them.

Because not a lot of testing is being done on the long-term health effects of modifying food crops, there is also concern regarding the unknown health risks to humans.

Ability To Harvest Seeds

While I predominately flower garden, having access to the step-by-step guide that explains exactly how to harvest the seeds is a great way to save money as you can keep using new seeds from every year’s crop of vegetables – I have also found it helpful in knowing how to harvest flower seeds as well! Along with the included harvesting guide that comes with the seed vault package you also get a planting guide so you know exactly what to plant where. You don’t have to guess where to plant and hope things turn out.

Air Tight Storage Container

The Genesis Garden survival seed vault is an airtight metal storage container which allows you to store your seeds long term (up to 5+ years) protecting them from harmful elements or from spilling out on the ground. Not only do the seeds arrive in the airtight container but your seeds also arrive in resealable and reusable triple-layered seed packets. The E-Z lock system (similar to ziploc baggies) allows you to store any unused seeds without worrying about wasting the seeds as well as allowing you to use the packages again once you harvest your own seeds from your vegetable crop.

Open Pollination

Open pollination is important as it is the process where the pollen is transferred from one flowering plant via wind or bees to a different flowering plant thus ensuring that fertilization and seed formation takes place. When we planted our seedlings this past spring we had excellent germination from everything we planted. Because the seeds that are shipped are harvested from the most recent growing crop – you know that these are not left over seeds from someone’s overstock – they are meant to grow!

Check out the different variety of seeds included in the seed vault:

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With a lot of competitors offering heirloom seeds priced upwards of $100 for quality seeds – ordering my Patriot Supply seed vault was a no brainer – excellent price for quality heirloom seeds.

Many people choose to buy this kit to be prepared for food shortages – many even buy two kits – one to use now and another to save as an ‘insurance policy‘. If you are looking to improve the quality of your veggies while also preparing for the future – you need to invest in some heirloom seeds.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Heirloom vegetable seeds.

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