Gasoline Tillers and Cultivators

tillerWhen it comes to tilling hard, compacted soil, nothing beats a good, quality gasoline powered tiller. They weigh more than electric tillers and this lets them sink down into the ground more easily. Another situation that pretty much demands that you use a gas tiller is turning the soil over in a large garden.

Let’s face it, electric tillers are somewhat limited by the electrical umbilical cord they require to receive power. If your garden is located far away from a power source, or is just large, a gas tiller makes much more sense.

For large gardens it’s also important to use the widest tiller you can afford. Those extra few inches mean fewer passes and that can save you literally hours in a really large garden.

Although electric tillers are quickly becoming popular for their quieter operation and no messing about with gas and oil, there will be a place for gasoline powered tillers far into the foreseeable future. In situations like those mentioned above;i.e. large gardens and gardens with very hard soil, there simply is no substitute for a quality gasoline powered tiller.


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