How To Choose The Best Snow Blower

Winter is here and you really need a snow blower, but how do you narrow down the best snow blowers from which to make a buying decision? There are several choices that must be made first.

Electric or Gasoline Snow Blowers?

The first decision to be made is whether to go with gasoline or electric snow blowers such as the Snow Joe SJ620. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most snow blowers are gas powered, and while they are generally more powerful than electric snow blowers, they are also considerably heavier and more expensive. Not to mention the mess, costs, and smells of having to deal with gas, oil, and filters. For these reasons, electric snow blowers are gaining in popularity. If you live in a region where heavy snows are the rule rather than the exception, a gasoline powered model may be the better choice. Although it should be noted that each year more powerful electric models are coming onto the market. An electric snow blower with equivalent power is usually much lighter than a gasoline powered snow blower. That could be an important factor in deciding.

Snow Blower Features

Engine Size

When it comes to features, gas snow blowers offer more choices. There are choices concerning engine size. It isn’t necessary to choose the most powerful snow blower you can afford if you live in an area which doesn’t receive heavy snowfalls. Consumer Reports says that in some cases a less powerful model may even do a better job of cleaning. More horsepower is also going to mean more weight which will make it harder to maneuver.

Single Stage or Dual Stage Snow Blower

Not all snow blowers are created equal. Some do one thing which is pick up anything in their path and throw it out the chute. This is fine on paved surfaces, but for gravel and uneven ground you may find that a dual stage machine does a better job. These work by first breaking up the snow and ice and then hurling out the chute.

Safety Note

Whenever operating a snow blower be sure that the chute is not pointing at people or property which could be damaged by sticks or rocks that get picked up by the machine. Also never put your hands or fingers anywhere near the blades or augers. Fingers and hands are amputated every year by people who try to clear their snow blowers without first turning them off.

Once you have found your list of snow blowers offering the features that you need, and the right size machine for the job, check multiple reviews to make sure you’re getting the level of quality and workmanship that you need. Check the warranty too. Once you spend the time researching and doing your homework, you will find that choosing among the best snow blowers will be much simpler.

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