How To Plant Your Seeds Indoors

One of the things I look forward to over the winter is the anticipation of spring. While I like to plan ahead when it comes to my gardening, one thing that seems to make spring come all that much faster is by planting seedlings in the late winter. Not only do I get to dig a little in the dirt, but I am also saving money as I am only spending money on seeds rather than buying starter plants at a green house. I ended up doing this with my heirloom seedlings – not only did I get a better variety of plants than I would have from our local greenhouse but I also know what was used for the growing process. As I become more aware of different chemicals that are used in growing produce, I have become more interested in keeping our planting organic.

If you are interested in bringing in spring early by getting started with planting seeds, there are a few things that will help you along in the process.

Use Plastic Trays – The best thing to grow your seedlings in are the same type of plastic, waterproof trays that you get at a greenhouse – you may actually already have some saved up. This makes moving your plants around much easier especially if you are moving them to different windows for sunlight access.

Buy Some Grow Lights – Depending on where you live or which way your windows are facing, you may need to invest in some grow lights. These will get your little seedlings off to a great start. If you do have south facing windows and you receive a lot of natural light, you could just put your plants in a window so they get light.

Keep Them Covered – Keeping your seeds covered will help them stay warm especially during the night when people usually turn down their thermostats. By keeping them covered you are putting them in a greenhouse environment where they still have access to light but also stay warm.

Starting seeds yourself indoors may seem like it may be too time consuming however you not only save money buy growing your own plants but you also can plant your own variety of seeds which may not be available at your local greenhouse.

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