The Best Gardening Potting Bench

garden potting benchI love gardening. Once May long weekend arrives, I hit all the greenhouses in my area, hoping for some good deals as well as some new plant offerings to try out. As I live where we typically have two seasons – winter & summer – (ok, we do have four seasons however winter seems to last the longest), I get to plan for weeks, figuring and planning, planning and figuring - what exactly do I need to buy, how many container planters am I filling, or what flower bed needs some more plants. If you have the gardening bug, you probably have gone through this as well.

Once I go shopping for my plants, I always come home with lots of plant flats which line my sidewalk until I get the chance to plant them in planters. I get lots of comments from my neighbours as I am known to maybe go a little overboard when it comes to having enough plants – but really, is there such a thing.

I digress.

In years past, I always ended up dumping my dirt for the planters in a wheelbarrow and then lining up my planters around it. This sounds like it would work however once my dirt was in the planters, I found that I was scooting around on my hands and knees on our cement driveway as I arranged my plants in the planters. By the time I was done, I would be hobbling around on pins & needles as I sometimes was done on the ground for a couple of hours.

Like I said, I brought home lots of plants – sometimes filling up to 10 planters at a time.

This year, I got smart. I finally bought me a gardening bench. While perusing Amazon, I came across this particular model which I absolutely love. Not only does it look good but it is sturdy as well being made from fir wood.

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Garden Potting Bench Reviewbest gardening potting bench

When my gardening bench arrived from Amazon, it only took about 15 minutes to get set up. I found the instructions very easy to read and follow which was a plus. I did end up taking advice from other users and stained/sealed the bench so that it would survive the elements a bit better – I’m glad I did as it must make it look even better.

This bench has upper and lower shelves that can be used for storage or as a work space. Probably my favourite thing about the gardening bench is the lattice top that you can put a potting tray under. Now instead of getting dirt everywhere, you can just sweep it over into the tray – no more wasted potting soil.

I highly recommend this bench to anyone who is tired of crawling along on the ground to plant your planters – you and your knees won’t be sorry!

If you are into entertaining and hosting backyard barbecues – I have found that my bench actually does double duty as a patio buffet table (once I clear my dirt off). Two tasks for the price of one – a real deal if you ask me.

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