The Best Self Watering Container for Gardening

Earthbox Self-watering Container
I’ve recently started a container garden so that I can have fresh herbs and vegetables for cooking all year long. In fact I’ve got so much basil now that I could make enough pesto to feed a small army.

It’s starting to get out of control and though my living room looks beautiful with plants in every window, I’m finding it difficult to keep up. Working part time and getting two Master’s degrees at once leaves you little time for much else, and my plants have fallen by the wayside.

I’ve found the solution to my problem, however, and it lies in the Earthbox.

Now…you may be thinking…

What on Earth is the Earthbox?

The Earthbox is basically a container with a few features built into it to make it a happy place for plants with minimal effort from you. Amazon has a complete set that really is the best price for the Earthbox*. If you order it from there you will get:

  • The Earthbox itself measuring 29 x 14 x 11 inches (l x w x h), including wheels;
  • A fill tube to work as a water reservoir;
  • A screen, which helps with drainage and aeration;
  • Fertilizer & dolomite; and
  • 2 germination covers;

The only work needed after receiving the package is putting it together, throwing some potting soil in, and choosing which seeds to plant.

The Power of the Earthbox

What truly makes the Earthbox worth having is that it’s so simple that you cannot mess up. You can use it inside or outside and the water “reservoir” created by the fill tube, inserted in the corner of the box, will give your plants just enough water to thrive. Depending on your environment you will have to fill the reservoir one to three times a week–and that’s it! Put it in some sun and the plants will flourish.

I discovered the Earthbox when my elderly neighbor went to Florida for the winter last year and asked me to look after her house. The first time I entered her kitchen, it was as if a small jungle had taken over her table. Her plants were so lush and healthy, and right in the middle of the gray winter that was just what I needed. Her plants looked so beautiful that when she called to check how things were going, all I could do was rant about how great the plants looked. She told me about the Earthbox and mentioned that she had an extra in her garage and I could take it if I wanted.


I went out and bought potting soil and some organic fertilizer right away.

Earthbox Drawbacks

Although this box is great, it does require a somewhat significant startup cost. Not only do you have to invest in the system but you also have to buy potting soil, which can be expensive. After you get it started, however, you can reuse it for years into the future. It’s sturdy enough to last and will pay for itself in food (if you choose to plant food) in a few months.

The Earthbox comes in both dark green and terra cotta, but other than that you don’t have many options. It’s an attractive system as far as containers go but it is plain and will not go with every environment.

This container may also be too large for your space or your aesthetic. It’s not overly imposing but at 2 feet long and over a foot wide it will not fit on your windowsill. You will need some extra space to house it.

Despite all these drawbacks, when you get your first crop of tomatoes in the middle of the winter you will find it’s totally worth it.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on the Earthbox.

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