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My father had a plot in the public gardens in my town when I was growing up. Each garden had its own personality: some were neat, some were jungle-like, and others had elaborate pest-prevention techniques. My garden leans toward jungle rather than the Versailles Gardens, but I love it all the same. I'm a big believer in staying organic as well.

The Best Self Watering Container for Gardening

Earthbox Self-watering Container

I’ve recently started a container garden so that I can have fresh herbs and vegetables for cooking all year long. In fact I’ve got so much basil now that I could make enough pesto to feed a small army. It’s starting to get out of control and though my living room looks beautiful with plants…

Container Gardening: Earthbox Planting Guide

container gardening earthbox

The Earthbox isn’t all that complicated to put together, but it does take some assembly to work properly. I’ve found that this is the easiest and fastest way to get it together (and the most optimal for my plants). Earthbox Planting Instructions For this you will need the Earthbox planting kit I mentioned in my…

8 Reasons to Start a Container Garden


Here in upstate New York we are well on the way to the dark cold winter. My garden, unfortunately, is very dead–although I do have some yummy butternut squash saved in my cellar. There’s nothing better than fresh herbs or vegetables to to fill in the gap I’ve started my own container garden. If the…