Lost in the Garden

I wonder?

wedding ringMany years ago I lost one of my most treasured possessions, my beautiful and very unique wedding ring that I recall us struggling to afford when my wife and I got hitched. This ring was unique in that it had different shaped holes within the band, a rectangle, a square and even a diamond shaped hole. Unique enough that I was sure that I would never be able to replace it.

Lost in the Garden

I knew I’d lost it in the garden, as I noticed (or I should say my wife noticed!) it missing after one of my early morning, on hands and knees, hand weeding that damn chickweed sessions in the flower gardens. Pulling chickweed is a real chore, as you have to remove every little fragment of the plant or it’ll simply take up root and be back as lush and green as ever in a weeks time. Hand weeding is the only answer I’ve found, but I do like the look of the Winged Weeders that Tammy wrote about.

Knowing I’d spent a couple of hours with my bare hands (real men don’t wear gardening gloves!!) in the soil, I knew exactly where the ring would have been, but despite hours of sifting through the dirt, I never did find it. And that was YEARS ago!

After seeing Tony’s idea of how to make your garden a kid’s treasure chest with the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector I know I’ll be purchasing one of these. You just never know, the kid’s might find something really valuable amongst all those loonies and toonies I know will be buried out there.

Yes, though my wife surprised me one Christmas with a new ring, (the jeweller had a plaster casting on record) it would be a real treat to find that original one after all these years, especially if a grandie was the successful bounty hunter!

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