Making Your Garden a Kid’s Treasure Chest

I recall a visit we had with my friend Tony a year or so ago, when we stopped where he and his wife were “camping”, (but in their 1/2 million dollar Motor Home!) He was expecting his grandkids to arrive for a few days and was busy with creating little fun things for them to do.

I’d love to be one of Tony’s grand kids as he’s always tinkering around building something for them. His yard is full of home made birdhouses, the tree’s each have a kids “own” bird feeder hanging, his garage sports the latest home made box car ready for the next derby, and the list goes on.

This time though Tony had surpassed himself. The latest addition to the Motor Home’s “toy box” was a Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector and Tony had been busy burying little bit’s of treasure all over the camp ground, in the adjacent flower beds, under the picnic table, even under the gravel on the pad the RV was parked on.

The “treasure” was mostly coins, quarters, our “loonie” (the Canadian $1 coin, minted with a pic of a Loon) and “toonies” (our $2 coin), but a few small metal Tonka toys. Tony’s grandkids were going to be in for a treat!

What a great idea! I could see this really fitting in well with being part of the reward for the little guys participation in the weeding chores we asked them to do in Gramma’s Great Big Family Garden. I can imagine the excitement of some 5 – 10 year olds being rewarded from a row of hand weeding with the chance at finding some long lost treasures in between the rows of carrots they’d just finished weeding.

I can even see a Metal Detecting for the Beginner book being under the Christmas tree!


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